About the PAI


The Phlebotomists Association of Ireland was set up in 1995 by the members of the Phlebotomy profession, to look at and address various issues of concern to the profession and to meet the needs of Phlebotomists throughout the country. We have become a limited company known as Phlebotomists Association of Ireland Limited, the change took place legally in April 2009.


  • To establish uniformity of standards within the profession.
  • To formalize a recognized training programme for Phlebotomists leading to professional accreditation, and to regulate entry into the profession.
  • To impose standards of behaviour and conduct on members of the association and to provide for accreditation for those already working in the profession, provided that they satisfy a minimum requirement criterion.
  • To provide ongoing education through organized lectures, seminars and exchange of information.
  • To liaise with the HSE (with the aid of representatives of the major Unions) in order to improve conditions, status and salary.
  • To negotiate with employers for support and recognition for Phlebotomy as a profession in its own right.


“The vision of Phlebotomists Association of Ireland is for Phlebotomy to be recognised as a stand-alone profession where each Phlebotomist is certified and registered and is seen as a skilled professional in his/her own right, working to national guidelines and subject to a strict code of practice

Through seminars and study days, we aim to provide ongoing education to enable members to remain updated in developments within the profession.

Our members endeavour to provide the highest possible standard of Phlebotomy service to our patients and clients, helping them to overcome fear or anxiety towards the procedure. This is achieved by ensuring that the practitioner is certified as skilled and competent to perform the task, keeping in mind, at all times, the safety of patient, practitioner and colleagues”


Registration Number: 469164. Registered in Dublin. Registered Office: 31 B Waterloo Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Directors: M. Keane, A. Petraska, E. Monterola, N. Bulynionak

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